Friday, February 11, 2005

Big Symantec "Oops"

On February 8th 2005, Symantec released a "Security Response" to the vulnerabilities in a great many of their products recently discovered by ISS X-Force. If you run any Symantec software, it would be well worth your time reading the information on

Symantec, being the responsible corporate citizens they are, then released their Enterprise Administration February Newsletter on 10 February in which they claim that the "
Latest Windows Patches Underscore Need for Effective Patch Management", yet they totally fail to mention that the recent 13 patches released by Microsoft pale into near-insignificance when compared to the 30 products that this cross-platform bug affects in Symantec's own products.

Symantec, in this Newsletter, then claims that "
Symantec Solutions Named Best of the Best By Microsoft IT Pros". That says a lot about those IT Pros, doesn't it?

And I wonder why we don't use Symantec security products, preferring NOD32, which just happened to reach 7 years of Virus Bulletin 100% awards.

The Outspoken Wookie

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