Monday, January 10, 2005

SATA Connectors

I have to say that to date I'm a bit disappointed in SATA - not the spec, per se, nor the drives, but the connectors. Sure, they are small. Sure, the cables are smaller which should result in tidier case interiors and better airflow. I'm disappointed in the connectors. Specifically the power connectors.

I've seen MORE than enough dodgey SATA power connectors to be satisfied that the manufacturers have actually all USED them. The little "nibs" (or whatever you call them) on the bottom of the connector that's supposed to provide a fit into the connector - well too many manufacturers make these marginally too small, resulting in SATA power connectors that like to turn into SATA power disconnectors.

Its really annoying.

Its really BAD.

This entry was inspired by a supposedly reputable company who built a server with SATA power cables that would have fallen out due to the regular airflow inside the case - the loosest SATA power connectors I've ever seen - and they shipped it to a customer like that. Atrocious, if you ask me. No excuse at all for that. Were it *my* client, I'd ave driven the hour it would take me to get to the company who supplied the hardware and torn someone a new orifice of their choice.

Anyway - I'm quite picky about things. I've never been one to tolerate incompetence. I sure don't suffer fools well. :)

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