Friday, January 07, 2005

Lowlife scum

What sort of a human being could do something like this? The Register reports that "The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that Netizens wishing to help victims of the recent tsunami, and who attempt to donate money online to relief organizations, may themselves become victims of a browser exploit that will infect their boxes."

Now, the tsunami was an awesome natural disaster. It was something that would have been terrifying to witness, and those people who remain in the affected areas will be suffering for quite a while - their homes, towns and lives have been destroyed and washed away, along with many loved ones, and their land has been made infertile and untenable by the salt water. Trying to re-establish anything there will be a difficult, time consuming, heart wrenching job - something I'm glad the rest of us will probably never have to experience.

So, what sort of lowlife scum would make it their aim in life to try to cause damage to those people willing to donate to this cause? What's worse is the lowlife scum charging wads of cash to try and "locate" missing people. And again, the FBI choose to blow their own trouser flute by not disclosing the offending sites. Yay for the FBI - wankers!

If anyone actually manages to locate one of these peole, I say we need to fly them into one of the worst affected areas, with no additional resources, and force them to do the manual work needed to help in rebuilding this part of the world. make them see for themselves what its like. Make them actually do some good for this planet, not try to hurt those others trying to help.

It would be more effective than a bullet. Which is probably what they really deserve.

The Outspoken Wookie

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